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MadDog heres the post... Hi there like to make a friend eny one like to chat with a friendly person . My name is jodie age 42 and femal and married 21 no kids like friends and that the, like to chat like music movie and old tv shows like travle ing and like makeing friends like doing crafs and meny other thing,s like makeing friends eny one like to chat to make friends jodie email enyy time and have good day jodie
Braden M whats the.. 21 no kids bit?? she has no kids, or has 21 kids??
MadDog maybe she's married to 21 kids... hrrmm
Braden M hehe.. I wonder if they also clickt little spoons..
MadDog yes... and maybe they also like travle ing
Braden M hehe.. could be..

MadDog nah.. I dont think it does... I dreamed a weird one last night but I forgot most of it. I just remember steering a pirate ship around and I crashed it and I had to beg the pirate who owned the ship for my life... weird... but there was like a little thin bit that I had to steer it through and I fell off and it landed on another bit... but I had an extra life...
Braden M an extra life.. ok.. theres the hint telling you that you play to many video games..
MadDog yeah!!! rock on dream!
Braden M I had some weird dream about the word smoo.. but yeah.. it wasn't rude..

MadDog wow! you should feel blessed.. I know I would if I had been visited by the cheese god...
Braden M I assume you are responsible for this..
MadDog I dont know what you are talking about...
Braden M hmm... ok.. *ponders about his existence within this universe, and also about the cheese god*
MadDog you should believe mad.. the cheese god hates non believers and punishes them vengefully with his Gouda of Doom...

MadDog whhsshhhhhh... *waves arms around and whispers* "...ride the snake..."

MadDog my mum's hacking into the CIA mainframe again...
Braden M aww.. you mum.. she's a wacky one isn't she..
MadDog she's wacky on the junk allright....
Braden M good luck to her I say.. dam the man ...
MadDog yep... she's hepped up on goofballs ready to kick some ass!
Braden M goofballs.. hehe.. hopped... hehe
MadDog heheh.. rabbits hole...
Braden M everytime I see your mum online.. my computer locks up and a message across the screen says that I've been hacked.. maybe it was your mum that hacked our icq..
MadDog yeah.. it was her actually... I gave hera good beating over it too!!
Braden M good move citizen.

MadDog Perhaps the film I'm looking most forward to next year is DUDE, WHERE's MY CAR who's plot outline simply states, "Two potheads wake up from a night of partying and can't remember where they parked their car." With Fabio as a guest star, and characters like "Nordic Dude #2" in the credits, it's cleary next year's blockbuster.

Braden M hehe.. Anagram of Diego Maradona is... - O dear, I'm a gonad

MadDog faaarg!! wow...
Braden M yeah.. pretty nifty hey..
MadDog yeah!!
MadDog it would be better if it had noodles though...
Braden M oh yeah.. noodles.. shit yeah.. noodles are good.
MadDog and the stirring device isnt quite long enough...
Braden M yeah.. dam them.. they never know what the customer wants.. especially when it comes to stirring devices..
MadDog yeah... but does the job...

Braden M ah.. off doing her Elf Duties I guess..
MadDog yeah.. mending shoes and what-not...
Braden M and making presents.. hehe
MadDog yeah... and appearing in sick porn....
Braden M and mollesting chickens..
MadDog I didnt know elves did that
Braden M either did I , until this elf told me what he did..
MadDog ahh... were you cool with it or did you freak out?
Braden M I freaked out.. but I'm cool with it now.
MadDog cool... so you like hang out and stuff?
Braden M well he wanted me to hang out at this local chicken farm, and I kinda knew what he was thinking, so I backed out, and haven't spoken to him since..
MadDog Ahhh... cool... good choice...
Braden M although I did get a chrissy card from him last christmas .. and there was a picture of a chicken on the front with the words inside saying... "Wish you were here.. "
MadDog did you wash your hands afterwards?
Braden M Yup.. with that Dawn detergent stuff.. freaking stains like you wouldn't believe on that card..
MadDog ahh... you know I'm always gonna buy Dawn now... not because it saves me money, or because it washes dishes really well, but you can do that cool thing by putting a bit on the tip of your finger and touching a bowl of water with grease on the top and the grease just shits itself... it actually works!
Braden M Does it.. I actually just bought some just before when I went to the supermarket.. the lemon scented one I wanted to try.
MadDog yeah.. i got that.. i was worried that it wouldnt work as well as the original Blue Death flavour.. but fear not.. it rocks steady my brother!
Braden M Does it.. cool.. it too reminds me of the time we first met.. :-)
MadDog This is a public pool...
Braden M We.. are brothers.. Let us defend the internet...
MadDog brother...
Braden M hehe

Braden M Sonic wasn't originally planned to be a hedgehog. In fact, there were over 200 original design sketches for him! As it narrowed down, some of the finals were a rabbit that could pick objects up with its ears, a bulldog with an American flag bandanna and cowboy hat, and a fat man with a moustache and tourist-like Hawaiian clothes.
MadDog yeah. he should have been a gerble... then it could be called "Sonic's Bizzare Adventure in Richard Gere's Rectum"....
Braden M hehe.. that was actually the first original concept, but it got scrapped.. I wonder why.
MadDog yeah... the sequal "Sonic 2: Rectal Blasters" would have went platnum fer sure!
Braden M hahaha...
MadDog Honestly, I just like using the word 'Rectum'.....
Braden M yeah.. well thats a big fuckin surprise..
MadDog sorry? what was that?
Braden M the rectum thing..
MadDog noo.. you were supposed to say "I said , I.. uh.. I really like apple pie."
Braden M HUH??? confused..
MadDog Computer Boy... "Well that comes as a big fuckin' surprise" "Sorry, what was that?" "I said, I... uh... I really like apple pie." "Yeah! Me too.. Apple pie rules."
Braden M hahaha.. got ya know.. yeah.. apple pie.. rules...

Braden M I thought you were going to say you were the lord of RECTUMS... haha..
MadDog noo.. that would make me an ass master... which I'm not...
Braden M ahh... No ass master for you..
MadDog damn right!

Braden M saturday.. yup.. groovy.. its a date then.. well.. yeah.. a getogether thingy..
MadDog yeah.. we're not poofs though...
Braden M oh fuck no matey...
MadDog good.. we've got that straight..

Braden M Hey, whats that thing that alex kidd eats in the cart version, not the sms2 version in which its a hamburger.. isn't it some jap food?
MadDog yeah.. its like a weird sushi-rice roll
Braden M yeah.. thats what I thought..
MadDog why?
Braden M no reason

Braden M Do you eat cornflakes for dinner? and if you do.. well I give up...
MadDog not cornflakes.. but sultana bran sometimes...
Braden M argggggggh...... *insane in the brain dance*
MadDog how does that go?
Braden M bzzzzzzzkkktt.. pop.. snizzileee pffftt....
MadDog hmmm... you poor soul.. here.. have a crumpet...
Braden M Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Braden M that link you gave me didn't work.. grrrr
MadDog what link
Braden M the web.. one..
MadDog oh.. sorry.. here it is.. www.http:/

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