The Hatch Files

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Hatch I'm freakin out.. *proceeds to dry root many rexona cans*
MadDog at least its rexona... which will keep you dry....
Hatch yes.. being dry and protected is my main worry!

Hatch I knew playing the guitar would come in handy. *grin*
MadDog ha! thats sick...

MadDog yeah... but like heaps of comedians there .. its like a hang out place for comedians and they have a free for all for whoever feels like getting up on stage...
Hatch hey.. maybe we should get up there and explain to everyone sheet therapy.. haha
MadDog yeah... and get booed off stage.. hehehe
Hatch oh.. I reckon we'd star man.. we rock.. hehe
MadDog yeah.... we have ace material...
Hatch hey.. you've at least got the "do lesbians have liqour cabinets" joke.. hehehe
MadDog yeah.... that'd go down well...
Hatch why.. are there lots of lesbians there or something?
MadDog well it IS melbourne...
Hatch yeah.. should have guessed.. d'oh..
MadDog yeah... but maybe theyre like cute lesbians that want to have sex with us and their lesbian friends... that would rock...
Hatch yeah.. definetly.. and yes.. their friends should always join in.. but yeah.. cute ones only...
MadDog yeah.. not like that katie underwood chick...
Hatch yeah.. exactly.. never her..

Hatch hey.. did I tell ya that I saw bardot live.. at southland.. I couldn't believe it.. in melb.. Mmm.. sophie..
MadDog did her breasts wobble?
Hatch oh they sure did.. and yes.. I was looking very muchly.. ;-).. there was some arse wobbling going on as well..

Hatch oooh.. Pacey wants to get with Joey... Nooooooo.. dawsons got some competition.
MadDog like duh...
Hatch but yeah.. him and joey.. spookky..
MadDog not nearly as natual as ME and joey...
Hatch natural.. I don't think so... if anythings more natural, its something like her and myself.
MadDog nah... whats natural is you, your hand, and a picture of her, while I'm here doing her good and proper...
Hatch I think you're getting my hand mixed up with her hand on my member.. *grin*
Hatch no.. she said you were a shonky lay... I made her thighs quiver multiple times..
Hatch Hey, your cousin is coming to shepp tomorrow, did ya know that... he rang up before.
MadDog nar.. didnt know that.... see youre changing the subject because you cant keep up the lies any more...
Hatch I just thought I would change it, cause I didn't want to make you feel bad and stuff.. its ok.. you'll get over it eventually.. ;-)
Hatch *friendly pat on the head*
MadDog *kick in the gonards*
Hatch Gonards??? I'm not familar with that term thankyou...

Hatch here's an interesting site for ya.. not porn, just some really groovy chicks from the f1 races
MadDog gah.. I want porn!
Hatch umm.. don't know any porn off hand.. ask grace.. she was telling me about all her escapades online the other day.. with other women.. *nudge nudge*.. woohoo.. hehe
MadDog yeah.. already got that photo gallery...
Hatch oh.. you have.. groovy.. not that I'd want to see it or anything.. :-)
MadDog you sure.. I can send it if you like...
Hatch Hmm.. I see.. hmmmmm...

MadDog *hands you some breasts made from semi-set custard* here.. I hope you have some use for these...
Hatch Oh.. I always have a use for some semi-set custard..

Hatch have you got netmeeting there..I'll talk to ya and stufff.
MadDog hmm... I'll check.. *zzzzip!*
Hatch arrggghhh.. *quickly zips up maddogs pants*
MadDog hey... I'm just getting comfy..

Hatch I saw The Haunting this arvo.. thats not too bad.
MadDog catherine zeta jones was not too bad you mean...
Hatch yeah... nice titties.. oops.. I mean.. nice acting and stuff..

MadDog hehe.. grinspoons on good news week..
Hatch hehehe.. kate doesn't like that show.. so we don't watch it.
MadDog haaa.. you shouls demand it!! youre under the thumb.. ... the television thumb that is.. aha!

MadDog yeah... and joel isnt gonna screw dione.. cause I am... heheh
Hatch hehe.. yeah.. but after she's screwed me, I dunno if she'd wanna screw you.. could be a bit weird if ya know.. me and you being mates and al..
MadDog never stopped her before...
Hatch no... you can't say that.. I bet you don't know why her teeth are so white.. hehe.. bit of a secret of ours.. *grin*
MadDog hahah...
Hatch having a shower.. brb... oh.. p.s.. with Dione.. she's here right now.. she says to say hi, and that you are a crappy screw.. hehe.. sorry mate.. *grin*..
MadDog at least I actually screwed her.. heheh
Hatch guess what.. her teeth just got one shade whiter.. hehehe.. she said you had nice thighs though.. but I told her to disregard them..
MadDog well youre a liar... yeah.. thats right!! a big fat pants on fire liar!
Hatch what?? it wasn't your thighs she was talking about?
MadDog nah it was my wang!!
Hatch no.. you've got that confused with your pinky finger me thinks.. she was rather impressed with my member though.. :-)
MadDog Your member of parliament, sharman stone?
Hatch yeah.. she was here to.. but I had to smack her in the head.. she was pissing me off in more ways than one.. urrgghhh
MadDog euuu... did you ask her about when we're getting SBS?
Hatch yeah.. the bitch told me to shutup about that one..
MadDog ahh.. maybe you didnt ask in the proper way... you should have said "WHERE'S MY F**KIN SBS BITCH!?"
Hatch hmm..yeah.. should have.. too bad there won't be a next time..
MadDog wha.. didja kill her?
Hatch n'ah.. just shoved our tv arial up her arse, to see if I could get better SBS reception that way, but it didn't work.. the doctor will have an interesting time getting that one out I reckon.. hehee
MadDog yeah.. he may have to use a pencil...
Hatch hehehe.. thats about right..

Hatch hey dude.....
MadDog Dont call me dude.. hehhe.. geddit? its like that song! HAA! Its funny on so many levels!
Hatch yeah.. it is.. I luved that song.. gonna have to find it on napster now.
MadDog hehe.. I just got : "oh mandy, you came and you gave without taking.. but then I sent you away, oh mandy... you kisse me and stopped me from shaking... but I need you now, oh mandy..." heheh
Hatch oh yeah.. you actually downloaded that.. I was looking for that song for ages.. hehe.. after watching Can't hardly wait one time.

MadDog would you like some shapes?
Hatch oh yes please.. I luv.. shapes.. shapes I luuuurrvvee.
MadDog okay.. as long as you can guess what kind they are.... 2 guesses...
Hatch the ones with the sprnkley stuff on top? bbq?
MadDog negatory spicoli....
Hatch Umm.. don't know any other ones?? chicken?? do they come in chicken?
MadDog chicken crimpy is as close as that gets... but no... theyre pizza shapes.. here have some ayway...
Hatch Mmm.. thanx.. *takes a shape, places it in his mouth, and chews with the ferocity of a new born lass just learning to take his first steps*
MadDog Ahh.. thats what I like to see... furious munching....
Hatch oh yes.. furious munching indeed.. :-)

Hatch Hey.. see Joel got it on with Dione.. 'bout freaking time..
MadDog yaay! and dione got it on with me... and slapped me around with her titties... I loved it...
Hatch oh yeah.. those titties.. they'd do some good slappin I reckon.. and there's nothing like a good slappin with some good titties
MadDog like hers especially...
Hatch oh yeah.. definetly.. she's got such great posture, which only goes to show, she spends a lot of time on her back.
MadDog with someone doing her.... hehehe gettit?? oh... i see.. that IS what you meant.. i get it.. *sniff*
Hatch yes mr dolt, doltarian of the doltees...

MadDog ahh.. thanks for my dry bum, mum....
Hatch Noooooo.. I can't stand that add.. they shouldnt' be allowed to say bum on tv advertising.. its sickening.
MadDog its better than the huggies add when the mum shoves her head full on into the baby's ass! thats just not on!

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