The Hatch Files

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MadDog Yes! Its Wheel of Fortune Time!!!! B _ G S C H L _ N G Would you like to buy a vowel?
Hatch hooray for cheap laughs!!
Hatch Welcome to the wheel of schlong! You have won a bona!!

Hatch There's only one instance of "weirdass shit" in altavista!!
MadDog Stop pissfarting around or I'll fire youre ass....
Hatch No you won't , I quit god dammit!!

Hatch Braden, a 2-syllable boy's name of Anglo-Saxon origin, means: Broad. Braden is the 55th most popular boy's name. And 75% of people with this name spell it "Braden".
Hatch arrrggghhh, I can't find the name Smooboy in their database!!
MadDog What about Morag!

MadDog Slippery dips!
Hatch shut up goddamit, I'm on a phone call!!
MadDog Lubricated Artichokes!
Hatch You were bloody lucky I wasn't on the phone that time!!

MadDog Li'l bradie going to the induction... induction boy... hows your little inductions.....
Hatch you wanna punch in the head???? well do ya.... punk?
MadDog Go floss a sheep....
Hatch Go stop a seizure in an epileptic!
MadDog Go twist a lolly pop into a foreign school girls left ear.....
Hatch Go wrap your schlong around a meat sandwhich!!
MadDog Go wrap your meat round a sclong sandwich....
Hatch Go wrap a meat sandwhich round a meat sandwhich!
Hatch Fuck up with that shit alright!!
MadDog heee hee heee... Calm down lad... I think I'd better shut up before you throw you little gladwraped barbeque shapes at me.....
Hatch One more wisecrack like that and I'll throw more that bbq shapes at you!!!
MadDog Oooooooohh... What, you mean your little drinkbottle?
Hatch No, a freaking ... um... chair, thats it... a chair. eheheheh I've got im now!! oh, am I typing out loud again!! D'oh!

Hatch Arrrgghhh, in netcentral, you can't say the word schlong!!
MadDog why?
Hatch don't know, it says that the post was filtered out and contained some profainity and it wasn't posted!! geeezz!
MadDog hee hee hee... whats wrong with schlong????
Hatch exactly, what is the deal with schlong? Its not as if its a commonly used word in the english lanuage!
MadDog Its is to us....
Hatch hehehe

Hatch exactamondo!
MadDog exactamundodelundo
Hatch exactamundodelundogoogilymoogily
MadDog okilidokilydoodleydundiddleydoodlyhiedumdiddle dodumdidlyokilydeedumdoodleydumdoohiedilyhodoo leyokilidokilydoodleydundiddleydoodlyhiedumdid leydodumdidlyokilydeedumdoodleydumdoohiedilyho oodleyokilidokilydoodleydundiddleydoodlyhiedum iddleydodumdidlyokilydeedumdoodleydumdoohiedil hodoodleyokilidokilydoodleydundiddleydoodlyhie umdiddleydodumdidlyokilydeedumdoodleydumdoohie ilyhodoodleyokilidokilydoodleydundiddleydoodly iedumdiddleydodumdidlydoo!
Hatch Well that was worth it!
MadDog yup!

MadDog hee hee hee....
Hatch I love you momar!! eheheheh
MadDog Who put the mo in the mo-m-mo-m-mo.? Who put the mo in the moey-moey-mo-mo?
Hatch You dickhead!
MadDog You mo mo!
Hatch Now your twice the dickhead!

Hatch Hey, I'm entering this user in and and their password is the word SMOO. Thought that might amuse you!

Hatch sorry mr better than me person!
MadDog So you should be, smoo!

MadDog I swear, I'll head butt him the next time I see him....
Hatch woohoo, can I watch?
MadDog no.... private headbutting only..
Hatch d'oh!

MadDog Walt Disney ate a hot dog in Disneyland and counted how many steps it took to finish it. It took him 17 steps (I think), which is the spacing used for every trash can in every Disney park today.
Hatch What about a toilet every 5 slurps of a drink?
MadDog The day that Disneyland opened, the asphalt was not quite dry, and ladies heels sunk into it. you can still see the marks today...
Hatch When it first opened, guys with huge penises dragged them along the ground! You can still see the marks today!

MadDog :o{)> Goatee man...
Hatch ><(()> fish!

Hatch schwang!!
MadDog schwong!
Hatch Schweng!
MadDog schwing!!!!!!
Hatch Schwung!
MadDog Schwang! Schweng! Schwing! Schwong! Schwung!

MadDog Tell Michael that I'm going to kill him! - Michael's Dad... *wondering if he fooled him*
Hatch good one idiot!!

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