The Hatch Files

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Hatch Jodie's at it again!! I didn 't know you could live in a framing town! Hello i am whonting to make a freind eny one whonting to chat on line to a femal 40 married i live in a small framing town not much to do so eny one one whont to chat wright me Jodie
MadDog what are these femals she's talking about?
Hatch Hmmmm, I'll have to investigate into this femal phenonomen!
MadDog hee hee hee.. Jodie sez: "i like clinking things from around the wrold ."
Hatch Clinking things!! What the hell does that mean!!
Hatch She likes "tv show knitting" as well!

Hatch horray for sonic racing!
MadDog yeah.. ive seen the mov...
Hatch too bad it doesn't come out for master system!
MadDog too bad it doesnt come out for my analogue wrist watch....
Hatch Thats the thing, it does!! Bastard!
MadDog yahooo!!! better get some new batteries....
Hatch I think they're releasing tekken 3 for it too soon as well!
MadDog yaayy!
Hatch With 69 hidden characters!

MadDog According to Ben, Ben Folds Five received it's name (despite the fact that the band only consists of 3 members) because it "sounds better than Ben Folds Three."
Hatch Acording to me, Sphagnum got its name from a bag of the stuff sitting in me garage at home!

MadDog AAAAHHHH!! SHOCK HORROR!!! Sega have licenced Nintendo to do a version of Virtua Fighter for the N64... AAHH!
Hatch What the fudge!!! arrrrghhhhh, traitors!
MadDog NAh... they reckon its time to put the rivalry behind them... and theres talk that a nintendo character (maybe kid icarus) will make an appearance on the new Sega Dreamcast....
Hatch kid karkus or whatever... Why not mario!! sounds dodgey to me!
MadDog Oh by the way.... that last bit was bullshit... APRIL FOOLS!
Hatch april fools from 5 days ago!
MadDog yeah i know.. but it fooled me...

MadDog Old MacDonal was dyslexic O-I-E-I-E!
Hatch I dare you to post that after a Jodi post!! eheheh

MadDog you *click* go *click* girl *click*
Hatch that didn't work at all!
MadDog nup... didnt think so.. but I got my point across nonetheless....

Hatch Its my mission in life to create a town called Weevilville!
MadDog why?
Hatch I don't know?
MadDog Oh.... Okay then!

Hatch fine, reject my affection!!
MadDog I get enough from the gnome in my pants.....

Hatch dreddy and I have concluded that we have to boycott Bananarama!
MadDog why is that?
Hatch cause he found a whole site full of their songs!
MadDog thats no good.... I"m just going to have to play some now as protest.....
Hatch Noooooooooooooooooooo!

MadDog Ive got version 0.buggerall of winamp at home if you want it....
Hatch I managed to grab 1.2, which is ok, whats the version below that?
MadDog I dunno what mine is.,.. but its freaking old...
Hatch I might have a look for a really old version today!
MadDog 0.00000198 beta
Hatch what about version .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000001
MadDog that prints "winamp" in a Dos window.....
Hatch Actually, the first version, you sent away $50 and they send you a piece of paper with winamp written on it!
MadDog yep.. and the next version is for 70 bucks and they ring you up, say winamp and hang up.....
Hatch And the next version they send a brown paper bag around to your house with a turd in it, with the words winamp on it!
MadDog and the next version, the come and carve winamp into your forehead with a rusty knife....
Hatch And the next version they get you on wheel of fortune and make you guess the letters winamp up on the gameboard!
MadDog the next version they summon satan to say "w--i--n--a--m--p--!" in a grumbly voice, then decapitate you......
Hatch The next version they get this guy, but he's a stump on a cushion and they put him at your front door and they knock and run, and when you answer, he says Winamp!
MadDog the next version they send you a nintendo 64 with winamp written on it in texta... costs $20,000
Hatch The next version, they send you to Africa to see the lions and if your lucky, I say, if your lucky, you get to see a lion with Winamp written on its back!
MadDog the next version, they send you that old chick that dreddy's got a pic of, with winamp tattoed on her ass...

Hatch Yayy for it being Sarah Michelle Gellars birthday today!
MadDog Send her a brass sculpture of your genitals for her birthday, eh?
Hatch How did you know I did that?
MadDog Oh you did already... thats okay... I was just reminding you....

Hatch Hows it going little flower boy!!
MadDog What is this... payback for all the little sandwich boy lines...?
Hatch Yes, its payback time baby!
MadDog you idiot... Im gonna sick gracie on you now!

Hatch Which girl was he with at the bbq?
MadDog he wasnt with any!
Hatch On the posting board he said he was with someone? Oh well!
MadDog what he says and what was...... two different things....
Hatch He probably bumped into a chair or something and he got that confused with being a real live person!

Hatch :|
MadDog ;oD
Hatch >:-|
MadDog <;-)
Hatch |# ) % | |# )
MadDog too much effort for not much....
Hatch your right, it took me about 5 minutes to do that...

MadDog boo swizzies!
Hatch smoozle snort!
MadDog nipularies!
Hatch stroodle nipularies!
MadDog brian says "Think up some new words"
Hatch Braden says "Shutup Brian"

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