The Hatch Files

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Hatch Do you know what would be funny, if Jodie Kingsley actually talked like that in real life! heheeh
MadDog yeah..... :o)

MadDog hee hee hee... yeah....... see that real long post by jodie?
Hatch Yeah, she tells everyone to go to church on sundays! hehehe
Hatch also, ya can't beat those spoon postcards!
MadDog that she clikts....
Hatch gotta love the clikts!!
MadDog Sphagnum should write a song about her... we'll call it "Retard"

Hatch The bastards! They put cows in my pillow!
MadDog dammit billy!

Hatch your crazy
MadDog wy?
Hatch well I was jsut sitting here and decided that
MadDog What took you so long?
Hatch sorry i am stupid

Hatch I went into a big Warez irc channel and asked for shareware and they banned me!! Buggers!!
Hatch And I'd appreciate it if you change your away message about having wild monkey sex! That sounds tooooo icky!!

MadDog Mmmmm... Prophylactics....
Hatch Mmmm Sizziling Snitzel burgers!
MadDog Thats what bri had for lunch!
Hatch arrrggghhhh, now your freaking me out!
MadDog Like the gnome in my pants!
Hatch Like the schlong in my shirt pocket!
MadDog Excuse me!
Hatch Sorry, the gnome in my shirt pocket!
MadDog yaay! Mmmm... Slobodan popoffski!
Hatch Ovarian shankey woosies!
MadDog poop snaggle!
Hatch Schwangy twangy ding dong!

Hatch Some person from the aussie hotel rang about internet. I was going to ask them about a gig there!!
MadDog hee hee hee.. you douchbag...
Hatch I was serious, but I didn't get the guts too! heheh

Hatch Big licky guy!
MadDog mmm... I gotta find a pic of him.
Hatch I thought you were going to say, I gotta go and lick him!
MadDog licky licky!
Hatch icky sticky!
MadDog moolickies!
Hatch schlickies!

Hatch slippery schwangers!!
MadDog fartknocker
Hatch crudmuncher
MadDog mmm... nummy crud
Hatch Mmmm... cummy nud!!
MadDog too far...
Hatch foo tar...
MadDog isnt that like one of those puffy couches?
Hatch No, thats a footon.. I think, something like that!!

Hatch Move... closer.. set my mind on fire!! ARrrggghhhhhh! My head.... **close ones eyes and visualise**
MadDog you are... as they say... off one's nut!

Hatch Random saying of the day!! Strategically placed bongos!!
MadDog mmmm.... how about, "Long strong fudpucker!"
Hatch Nah... a better one would be Interestingly sized gazeeboes!
MadDog how abot "jungle gym insertion antics"

MadDog Bonjour là. Veuillez retirer ce rongeur de mon rectum ou je serai forcé d'insérer de divers fruits et légumes dans le vôtre.
MadDog Les lesbiennes peuvent faire des choses étonnantes avec de la crème et les anchois en boîte.
MadDog Je me rappelle l'histoire au sujet de la petite fille qui s'est assise sur le filtre de piscine et l'a eue des entrailles sucées dehors par son bas.
Hatch Fuck!! Thats not good at all!
Hatch I a par le passé vu ce film où il y avait ce tronçon sur un coussin.
MadDog what the hell did that say originally???
Hatch I once saw a movie where there was a stump on a cushion! La crème peut être un bon laxatif.
Hatch Il y a d'abondance des seins pour chacun!
MadDog Le jus des fruits moopy sont tellement très savoureux. Ils m'incitent à me rappeler mes jours comme tadpole quand je nagerais et nagerais jusqu'à ce que j'aie trouvé un grand basket-ball. Alors j'écrirais le basket-ball et un bébé sauterait dehors. Tels étaient les jours.
Hatch Je me rappelle les jours où les éléphants ont eu l'abondance des joncteurs réseau à circuler.
Hatch Survenir du stroodle nipulary est une histoire très étrange en effet.

MadDog hey! thers no
Hatch And there's no
MadDog or
Hatch or www.themilitarydidn'
MadDog or

MadDog why did he say that?
Hatch because hes a freakin weirdarse schlong boy?

MadDog If you ever reach total enlightenment while drinking beer, I bet it makes beer shoot out your nose.

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