The Hatch Files

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Hatch Cats can hear ultrasound.
MadDog cool.. so can i..
Hatch Wha.....

Hatch A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.
MadDog no... YOU are called a twit

MadDog many smoos make light work
Hatch A smoo in the hand is worth a smoo in the bush!
MadDog All smoo and no smoo makes smoo a smoo smoo
Hatch Too many smoo's spoil the broth!
MadDog smoo smoo smoo smoo, smoo smoo the smoo...
Hatch smoo!

Hatch Bending over in a corridor, having a gynaecological examination. The doctor pulls out at biscuit and says "Ah, that's the trouble, right there."

MadDog my brain hurts
Hatch Stop sitting on it, you've been putting a lot of pressure on it lately!

MadDog blug!
Hatch lucknet!
MadDog dogbrush
Hatch lampfrog
MadDog doveswamp
Hatch harleybug
MadDog odour valley
Hatch elephantcamp
MadDog apple chowder
Hatch moonlight chicken
MadDog stale trenchoat
Hatch electric toaster... hang on, that actually exists. ummm fried toiletpaper
MadDog tiny nubs
Hatch frozen dildo
MadDog jolly bananas
Hatch jolly scrotum
MadDog i was gonna say that but that's boring... which proves my point... that chick out of the movieword ad is groovy....
Hatch postively extremelitivity!

Hatch Bloody love calcuators... if I wanted to get with a morag, I've got a 42% chance of it working out dammit!
MadDog Poor morag.
Hatch no... poor bloody me I reckon.
MadDog but then morag wouldt be able to get with you, and that would make it sad...
Hatch Yeah, suppose so... now you've got me feeling down.. poor morag.
MadDog *sniff* you might get a higher percentage if you fint out her surname...
Hatch Its prolly something like morag smith! heheh
MadDog Morag Samsonite
Hatch morag applemuncher
MadDog morag scrotum
Hatch morag garom

Hatch are you downloading or uploading in there?
MadDog noooo
Hatch ta, cause I'm trying to telnet and its slow as a wet wig thats all.
MadDog how slow is a wet wig?

MadDog long time no see
Hatch Gee man.. its been so long... oh, I'm all overcome with happiness!
MadDog ahhh.. im young again..
Hatch ahhhh, I'm slightly brown and rounded on the outside.

MadDog Tape, oh tape, oh how we love tape,
We love your style, we love your shape.
Your stickiness is so inspiring,
Your strength is never ever tiring.
Hatch tape???? why???
MadDog i dunno... just seemed like a nice poem...

Hatch We're all out of Bort number plates, we need more Bort number plates. hehe I'm adding a user named Bort.
MadDog At least its not penis
Hatch at least its not gravelly mince!
MadDog mmmm...
Hatch or creamy goodness!

Hatch Don't let on about our little charade to anyone on icq either. Fuel it even more if you get the chance. Digger thinks we've had a fight and I hate your guts! heheh

Hatch This is right off, i'm getting messages from half the people on my icq about our sham of a fight. How funny is that.
MadDog Im not getting any!
Hatch We'll, wait a day or two, post another insulting one, and I'm sure they'll start rolling in. heeh
MadDog Email from Cam. > What is this b/w you and Braden? > Why are you guys fighting? heheheheh...
Hatch hehe, so, what are you going to say?
MadDog Im writing a huge letter explaining it to him.. I'll cc it to you....
MadDog Cams cool with the idea... he's playing along...
Hatch coolies!

Hatch Diggers asking if we've sorted it out yet, what should I tell him?
MadDog no... tell him that I'm a stuck up prick that cant take a joke....
Hatch woohoo!
MadDog digger said "What happened? Hatch said you'd tell me" I said "Did he now? That was nice of him. He just doesnt get it. He never will."
Hatch This is what I wrote to digger! We'll, basically, he think I'm being all rebulous with dying my hair and now my eyebrow ring. He's been giving me a lot of shit about, and its really really pissing me off.
MadDog cool... heheheh...
Hatch What we should do, is say that sphagnum can't play at the bbq anymore. I wonder what kind of reaction we would get then. Make a big post saying that the gigs off.
MadDog yeah.. not yet though... a bit closer to the bbq, when people are getting excited...
Hatch Hmmm, yeah, gotta get the timing right.
MadDog yep
Hatch Digger's begging me to get over it all.

MadDog hooray for ben's afro eh?
Hatch yeah... I saw that... he's fitting right in with all the other afro type people in melbourne! eheh
MadDog yeah.. it was out of control....
Hatch Hmmmm, mail him a virtual afro?
MadDog virtual blackfellah afro comb....

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