The Hatch Files

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Hatch Scott just had before another couple of oldies have a go at him. What is he, flavour of the month for old people?
MadDog I know... its not like he's into knitting, lawn bowls or smart cardigans or anything... i dont understand it.

Hatch hehe, I just hung up on paul kaye accidently!!
MadDog you dick.. he's gonna be pissd at yoooo!! heheh only kidding.
Hatch Yeah... and I've got to meet him tomorrow! eehe
MadDog hehehe... he'll punch you in the head...
Hatch and I'll duck quickly and pinch him in the goolies!
MadDog yaay!

Hatch If I could become a super hero, I'd call myself Prepubescant Phlegm Collector Man

Hatch The name of my next kid is going to be Crazygoatboy Bob.

MadDog got a handy hint for the Newsletter?
Hatch Umm, say, if you want to see stuff on the net, you have to have a computer!
MadDog which is plugged in
Hatch or you could say, to get lots of nice pictures that will amuse the kiddies, check out
MadDog or
Hatch or www.yesladyhalifaxI'
MadDog ow www.Ifuckdogsandcatsandgoatsandsheepandseamonkeys com
Hatch or www.thisladythati'mtalkingtoisacompletewhorebagan i'
MadDog or www.theycutoffmylegsnowi'

Hatch arrghhh, my dad is giving me shit over icq! HEHEH
MadDog hehehe what like?
Hatch Stuff such as...
Hatch Dad Wrote: Sorry but you need to improve the quality of your arguments, Now your just resorting to abuse to try and make your point, and abusing me is not a valid argument. Game over
Hatch Dad Wrote: Of course it is son who else would be able to argue this well, certainly not any of your friends . My first name is Paul and your middle name is Fyfield
Hatch Dad Wrote: You also have a very pale complection is that enough proof for you?
Hatch Dad Wrote: Brains beats abuse everytime Braden, you should try it sometime. will you be home for dinner tonight, or can't you stand our company anymore?
MadDog Ooooooooh..... dad's getting narky...
Hatch I know... heheh, I think its hilarious! hehe
MadDog you big rebellious boy you!
Hatch oi... cool.. someone called me rebilious...

MadDog If a fundamentalist Bible belt minister tells you that you are the anti-christ don't take it personally. Put it on a business card, maybe you can make a business connection with other underworld entities.
MadDog Remember, when a woman in a short, sequined skirt approaches you on a street corner and asks for a good time, direct her to the nearest Disney Store as it always seems to be full of happiness.

Hatch Hey, do you know what happened round the corner at st georges road?
MadDog yeah... i dont know what you were talking about with people crying and shit.....
Hatch What... you didn't see anything at all?
MadDog no people crying.... It was a bomb threat.... apparently someone had found a stick of explosives near the school.... we walked down to take the videos back and asked one of the cops....
Hatch shit hey... cool... so I finally freaked someone out. Bout time too... heheh
MadDog yeah... was a bit of fun... plenty of life and excitement... people were sitting on their front steps wating for a big explosion....

MadDog Is there a meaning to life? Sure, but it probably has something to do with corned beef.

Hatch I see you're online! heheheh
MadDog I also see you are online

  __  __
   O   O              <<< BART SIMPSON!!!
    U                  (Can you tell I'm bored?)
Hatch yes I can tell.

Hatch See they're making the next two star wars movies in Australia. Movies 2 and 3. Thats pretty cool I reckon.
MadDog yeah.... we'll have to sneek in as extras in the background and do the thumbs up thing....
Hatch Yup, I'm writing an email to george lucas as we speak!
MadDog saying "we can do the thumbs up thing?"
Hatch Yup, thats the plan!

MadDog yaaaay!!! BONG!!! Mortaaaall Kooommmmbaaaaatt!!!! dum da da dum dum... da da dum dum ... dum da da dum dum... da da dum dum.. noo noo noo noo noonoo do do do dooooo... dum do do dooo doo doooo... do do doooooo.

Hatch If only we were jewish.. we could form a band called 2 LIVE JEWS! hehehe
MadDog if only we were jewish and there was 2 of us...

MadDog (new irc slang) *RAOFLVPPICS* Translation. *rolling around on the floor licking vinyl pondering possible icq colour schemes*
Hatch What, is that fair dinkum?
MadDog no... tim sent it to me...

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