The Hatch Files

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MadDog we are the robots.. doo doo doodooo....
Hatch and the band played spamzing matilda...
MadDog shlazong!

Hatch Hey, would I be able to crash at your joint? I'm pretty knackered and I don't want to drive all the way back home!
MadDog no wuckers... will be cool!!! IT'LL BE LIKE A SLUMBER PARTY!!!! YAAAAAYYYY!
Hatch yeah.. with people there, and there'll be a television and seats for people to sit on and lots of party things!
MadDog and tang!
Hatch oh.. don't forgot ya tang now.

Good 'ol tang...
Its your friend
your friendly drink
in which can be sang
with a nibbly little voice

Thats the theme song for tang!

MadDog lets go to tie land!
Hatch baaaahhh.. look at me... I'm in Tie land!
MadDog *holds tie over eyes* me to.. im in tie land!

MadDog hooray for sarah michelle geller being the most expensive star shares on the Holywood Stock Exchange!
Hatch yeah, well thats obvious isn't it... look at those magnificent breasts of hers!

MadDog Rule # 6 Don't rub the lamp if you don't want the genie to come out.
Hatch Rule #69 Don't rub your penis if you don't want jiz to come out! hehehe
MadDog tooo far!

MadDog what r u doing 2nite?
Hatch Well, after the presentation, I was going to go and have a relaxing spa bath with the mrs. You know how it is....
MadDog no I dont... tell me ... how is it?
Hatch n'ah, I was just kidding, just incase you didn't pick up on my wacky sense of humor. I'm not doing anything tonight!
MadDog Wacky? What does that mean? :o) Come round 2 nite... we can watch the lazers!
Hatch YEAH, sounds good, what time?
MadDog well theyre at nine, but Ive got like chops and stuff out of the fridge so you can come round for tea if you like, and hang round... maybe even crash at my joint... whatever..
Hatch ooooh... freshly squeezed chops... sounds nifty indeed.
MadDog haaa! now Im asking everybody that talks to me if they want any freshly squeezed chops...

MadDog how do they do that? latherth or thomething?
Hatch I wouldn't havth a clueth.
MadDog theres no s in clue...
Hatch and your point is?
MadDog youre a nut
Hatch correction.. chocolatey coated nut. Mmmm Mmmm
MadDog mmm.. chocolatey
Hatch Would you like to sample some of my lazerths?
MadDog doo yoo haf a permit for thothe latherth? I'll haf too comfithcate them now.. bye bye
Hatch you're a nut!
MadDog Mmmm freshly squeezed nuts...
Hatch or freshly squeezed chops!
MadDog or freshly squeezed testicles
Hatch arrgghhhhhh noooooooooooo

Hatch woe... i waited and waited and bang... up popped mortal 4!
MadDog suuuure...
Hatch oh... yeah... sorry... I was joshing ya.. it was scud racer 2 really! Sorry bout that.
MadDog suuuuuuuure...
Hatch oh.. sorry.. I'm just teasing ya again, it was actually the first level of sonic for the dreamcast. it doesn't play to badly actually.
MadDog suuuuuuuuure...
Hatch actually, you're right, I was lying just a tad there, it was actually a preview version of the new virtual reality game by a new company call, bonza beauty game guys oz. I'm the co-director with a guy that looks similar to chad morgan. I can't give to much away, but its very cool indeed, and thats all i can say! bye!
MadDog A-HA! I knew I'd catch you out! Theyre called the Bonza You Beaudy Mate Grouse Aussie Shearer Buster Brother Super Game Making Type Company Dot Com.
Hatch oh bugger... caught out once again!

MadDog would you like to suck my wawabotbot?
Hatch only on weekends at the moment!
MadDog oh... I'll save it til the bbq then...

Hatch did you get a card?
MadDog yes... it was funny... It has letters... it is white and black happy card!
Hatch what... letters.. and black and white on the one card.. oooohh.. they're pushing the boundarys aren't they!

MadDog youre a bloody trouble maker you are...
Hatch me... trouble maker.... I'm a fun maker... I make fun!

Hatch bbs = big breasted swampwomen!
MadDog Banana Boat Swami
Hatch botswana bootie sandwiches
MadDog Blistering Bubbling Stuff
Hatch boogie boogie snooties
MadDog big black schlong
Hatch arrgghhhhhh
MadDog aaaaarrghh!
Hatch Nooooooooooooo.......!
MadDog nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..................

MadDog Hullo... I am a toby... anIanonainnanet

MadDog ducaducaducaducaducaducaducaducaducaducvanilla itsthefinestofthe flavours..

Hatch Did you get your weekly dose of buffy last night. I did! :-)
MadDog i didnt...
Hatch oh... you missed out big time.
MadDog suuuure I did
Hatch you did.
MadDog well diddums for me then
Hatch no.. way more than diddums... its a catastrophe.. a huge one.. big time mistake buddy... I can see bad things happening to you.. but don't worry, I'll try and protect you and all.. but geez... its kinda scary.
MadDog tanks man... I love you man!
Hatch I won't say it this time.. but you know what I mean..

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