The Hatch Files

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Hatch There are 3 occurances of the user Schlong Boy in ICQ!!! How bout that!

Hatch sallywally shishkaboodle!
MadDog isnt that campbell's girlfriends full name?

Hatch Sally Struthers is a real person... argghhh
MadDog Didnt you know that?
Hatch nope...

Hatch I'm no Bran muffin!
MadDog yes you are... youre a toasted bran muffin!
Hatch And your a toasted cheese sanga!
MadDog mmmm.... toasty

Hatch cool.. I just had this women ask for the service department, and I'm like.. um.. yeah.. I can help ya, and she goes.. we'll I've got a mazda and there's a problem with the engine, and I'm like.. uh.. I think you've got the wrong number.
MadDog ehheh... you should have kept her going for as long as you could
Hatch heheh.. that would have been pretty funny actually!

MadDog Was wundering if you wanted to help with the games site tonite... and you can have tea at my joint, cause I got chops...
Hatch You said the magic word.. Chops... Yup.. I'll be up for that.
MadDog I'll say it again.... chops! Tee hee hee!!
Hatch Another night where I won't have to get myself food... heeheh woohooo!
MadDog yep... hehehe... its like a game.... see how long you can go without having to eat your own food.. heheeh

MadDog Hmmm... I now own Zelda on a gold cart... hmmm..
Hatch ya sure its not one of those card board imitation carts.. I've seen them before... and then there is the ones made from jelly.. they don't last long in the heat.. only in cold areas, thats probably why lots of them are distributed in the artic for eskimoes.
MadDog yeah... those clear purple controllers are actually made from port wine jelly...
Hatch and some on the non official rumble paks are made from the crusty bits between sumo wrestlers butt cheeks.
MadDog yeah... dodgy 3rd party stuff...

Hatch hello.. I am here, and ready for you forever!
MadDog Right ho... lets not waste any time... *zip*

MadDog yup.... IANONNAINNANET!!! hehhe Can you do me a flava?
Hatch which kind... rasberry?
MadDog yes please....

MadDog Hello Mr "Ive got a house next to my name and Im working and I like yougurt and I got a new jumper and a box that my fan came in is covered in smoos"
Hatch you right there....
MadDog perfectly fine... bzzzrt *png* your crumpets are done!

MadDog Trippy.... Trippy... Trippy the hooch-smokin' kangarooo...
Hatch How did you find out my secret identity?
MadDog its in the yellowpages man... "Trippy the Hooch Smokin' Kangaroo. Available for weddings, bar mitzvas and childrens parties. Call 555-2147 now. Ask for Braden."
Hatch No... it was the wrong phone number, it must be another braden.
MadDog oooh.. maybe it said 555-2741
Hatch No... I don't think it did.. I think you stuffed up completely.. I really think you made a big mistake, you've just taken it too far I think... and you know what that means don't you... I think you do... hmmmmm
MadDog Yes master... *takes out samurai sword and removes entrails*
Hatch woohoo for entrails.. :-)
MadDog *makes no noise for he now has no entrails*
Hatch I see...
MadDog *doesnt see...*
Hatch didn't see!
MadDog *did see, boes doesnt anymore coz I have no entrails*

MadDog the time is 136
Hatch Wha... no, its 18 past one.
MadDog its 138 now... not in your crappy time scale tho
Hatch What... is this the real maddog?
MadDog 139 now.... 139 beats that is...
Hatch Huh....????
MadDog internet time....
Hatch oh... where are you gettting this from?
MadDog swatch... its their new time base... it splits the day into 1000 beats and its the same time every where in the world... so 142 in australia is 142 in the us.... cool eh?
Hatch yeah.. I was the one telling you about this.. remember.
MadDog then how come you didnt know what I was talking about?
Hatch Cause you were being rather vague, would you know what I would be talking about if I went 138 to you? I don't think so...
MadDog vague is good!
Hatch no.. you mean vogue!
MadDog oh... which one is the dancing?
Hatch dancing???
MadDog you know... that madonna song
Hatch no... the magazine?
MadDog yeah.. that too.. which ones the magazine?
Hatch the one that says the word Vogue on it.
MadDog vogue.... oh.. youve got me all confused now....
Hatch Thats the secret you see...
MadDog nooo...

MadDog aarrgh?
Hatch wha....
MadDog wha?
Hatch I just got an arrghh from you?
MadDog thats cos I just got an arrgh from you

MadDog PORN!
Hatch and plenty of it...
MadDog yes.. for everyone...
Hatch well thats only fair isnt it... big hooters.. ahoy...
MadDog bouncng in time with the beat...
Hatch hehe... titty root... oh too far... ooops...
MadDog too faaar...
Hatch yeppers..

MadDog what was that stuff of yours we were drinking?
Hatch drinking? When.. last night?
MadDog no... when we were doing ninja moves on the eject button.....

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