The Hatch Files

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Hatch Hey, what exactly does a glide wrapper do?
MadDog it wrapps glides.
Hatch ahhhhh....

MadDog a loo you wah...
Hatch foo manch ju ju bar.
MadDog mung beans!
Hatch doody boots!
MadDog moopy juices

MadDog I got a schlong man... one time I put it in a bottle.. and it got stuck... and they had to smash it off with a hammer, man.
Hatch How big was the bottle?
MadDog it was a big fucking bottle man...

Hatch mouse????
MadDog my mouse!

MadDog you didnt answer the phone and you made li'l silvey cry.
Hatch when???? I answer all calls coming to my phone.
MadDog yeah sure... you ignoramus... evil one.. silvy is heartbroken now...

Hatch 14 games were only ever made for the system...
MadDog waht system?
Hatch You know... THE... system..
MadDog not.. THE system?
Hatch yes... THE.. system....
MadDog cool.. how many megs?
Hatch bugger all... you know what I'm talking about do you...
MadDog the system... with the bits and bytes... rage against the machine man... damn the man...
Hatch yeah... virtual boy!
MadDog yeah... and Ive killed him too!
Hatch no man.. you've gone to far..
MadDog but Im making sauce tomorrow.. cant we go another time?
Hatch I thought you were making source tonight.
MadDog im going there tonite cause we start the sawse making earl-eye in the mornin.... like 6'oclick...
Hatch so, this sause thing is an all day thing then.
MadDog I belive so...
Hatch I know what you are... SAUCE BOY!!
MadDog But only then can one truly exist...
Hatch You are competing again Adrian as king Sauceman!
MadDog and we'll be saucing together at the same time too!
Hatch arrghhh

MadDog I be makina da spaghett wit da sauce dat i dida be makina
Hatch sounda coola woulda be a gooda if I.a came arounda...
MadDog mama mia.. its a plana.. I be amakina da noodles wit da funkya sauce... mmmm... it'sa delicious mama...

MadDog Mayonnaise is actually mustard from Bill Clinton's penis!
Hatch arrrggghhhh.. I just had some mustard on my roll for lunch.,... Nooooooooooooo

Mikey did you read page 3 of the news? and today tonight just called me.... :)
Braden M nope??? called you?? Naomi???
Mikey nah.. some tanya bird... but she sounded hot.. read the paper...
Braden M ok.. might check it out now and goto lunch..
Mikey YES...
Braden M freakin big arse photo and story in the news....
Mikey hell yeah.. BIG FUCKIN PHOTO!! heheheh
Mikey and today tonight saw it and want an interveiw..
Braden M really.. wow.. expensive way of getting on tv...
Braden M an actual... on tv interview???
Mikey yeah.. then I'll get on big brother!
Mikey damn straight
Braden M hehe.. we can only hope...

Braden M i just looked at my watch for the first time and found residue bourbon from saturday night on it.. i could smell it.. haha
Mikey yaay for residue bourbon!
Braden M i know.. weird arse..

Braden M Ninja's are fucking cool man.... hehe
Mikey they like flip out and chop heads off man!
Braden M totally..

Mikey mmmm.. num num dip dip
Braden M are you having much dippage?
Mikey yep... brianna's birthday over the holidays so we're making up with it with a high dip factor... Dip factor 8.5 I'd say...
Braden M ahh.. you lucky dip you... hehe

Braden M Yayy with a webcam on your homepage... you're a camwhore... hehe..
Mikey i am... I flash my shit all over the net like I'm sharon stone...
Braden M yup.. but without the leg shananigans.. hehe
Mikey yeah... leg shinanigans baddd.
Braden M but even if you did... it wouldn't matter, since you don't wear skirts on a regular basis..... do you??? hehe
Mikey no, but you can still get nasty effects form doing leg shinannigans with only boxer shorts...
Braden M ahh.. yes... side-on hang-age.. not a good look...
Mikey meat and two-veg, definately not a good look

Mikey i reckon yoda's going to be half and half cgi... mixing some cool puppetry with cgi to make him dance..
Braden M i reckon he'll be cgi dude .. So as long as Yoda's flipping and tumbling in a lightsaber duel doesn't make him look like Sonic the Hedgehog we're ok.

Mikey ...and faster than a 2.0GHz P4 for overall performance, media encoding, video editing and 3D rendering and animation. its a bit less than a 1.9GHz P4 with Quake3 but it whips the 2GHz P4 for Max Payne, Serious Sam and Wolfenstein (which is odd seeing as Wolf is using the Q3 engine) wee!
Braden M yayy.. fucking awesome
Mikey yup... looking forward to emulating the commodore 64 faster than ever!

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