The Hatch Files

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Braden M our receptionist is wearing a white button up shirt and this white bra and there was space between the buttons just before.. i totally saw top boobage.. wooohooo.. hehe..
Mikey w00t! go the top boobage... mmm.. our waitress at the restaurant in england had mass button gap and she was hot as, and had nice boosies and mmm..
Braden M yayy for you remembering that.. hehe.. Mmmmm... i might look at some porn now.. haha.. NOT
Mikey hahah.. yeah.. it was a great moment.. and I had my camera on me and all.. but it would have looked a bit sus to take pictures of her booz action..
Braden M you should have got one of her.. saying.. it can be one of an english waitress, cause you're a tourist, and just point it at her boosies.. hehe.. legit boosie photo action.. YaYY

Mikey the titty board! for all your titty needs..
Braden M Thankyou Titty board... since i've been using Titty board, the need for titties has gone down about 2 percent.. YaYY

Braden M hey.. i'm going to be on the front page of the adviser next week.. hehe.. YaYY.. along with a few other's... i'm posing as a student.. :-)
Mikey yay you supermodel you
Braden M yes.. such a glamour shoot it was too.. haha

Braden M Anj might be coming, so it won't be so it should be ok.. :-)
Mikey it wont be what?
Braden M oh.. i meant it should be ok.. i was on the phone when i wrote that, so i was partially off my scone
Mikey im confused by your off-sconnedness... you driving me maaaad.. now... WE MUST FIGHT!! "WILD GERBIL GREAT SOLAR STANCE!"
Braden M ok.. that wild gerbal solar stance thing really scared me.... enough with da wacky zacky moochy caboochiness.... :-)
Mikey damn.. okay... Its vegetable day today... I must eat til i am stuffed with vegetables and soup!
Braden M ahh.. yayy for vegie day.. hehe
Mikey yesterday was fruit day.. and tomorrow is fruits an veggie day together, and I get a bonus baked potato!
Braden M is this radical new mikey food plans for you?? hehe
Mikey yeah.. well for this week anyway.. its like some super dooper 7 day diet that they give to fat ass hospital patients going in for surgery and need to lose weight and cant excercise... you supposedly lose a few kilos a week, but you can only do it 2 weeks at a time, then go off it, then go back on it if you want..
Braden M so after 2 weeks is up, its back to eating pizza's and choccy sundays for breakfast lunch and dinner.. and then back on it?? hehe
Mikey heheh yep...

Mikey yay! I am the programming king!
Braden M you programmed something?
Mikey yep..
Braden M your programming genius just crashed my fucking computer.. ahh
Mikey BWAHHHH! I knew it!!!

Mikey dude! do you, like, have a fake leg and shit?
Braden M yeah.. lost it in a scuba diving accident a few years back.. daryl sommers was there and everything....

Braden M yayy for new version of epsxe....
Mikey yeh!?!? *goes to looksee*
Braden M saw it on zophars..
Mikey zophar zogood...
Braden M zogoogly good
Mikey Did you see what I did there? It was a clever play-on-words...
Braden M yes.. i didn't see it straight away, but i did catch onto it eventually.. quite clever my whimsical lassy...
Mikey wahooie...

Mikey im listening to singing braden.. :)
Braden M huh?? what do you mean??
Mikey im gonna leave this town today... im gonna find myself a new place... im gonna chay-i-ange my li-ee-i-ife... im gonna head towards the light... neeer neer neee neeeeeeer
Braden M hehehe.. ohhh.... nasty.. hehe...

Braden M we bout 250 box of blank cd's and got a packet of jelly beans in them.. YayY
Braden M if only i had my bean machine with me..
Mikey I've got a bean machine... I like to call him Mr Scrotum...
Braden M mr scrotum is not what i need to hear right now munching on a yummy jelly bean
Mikey but he's friendly! look! *pop*
Braden M arghhh... get that fucking mr scrotum fella outta here.....
Mikey okay.. *un-POP*

Mikey woo hoo hoooooo!!! Its all been doooone befoooooooore
Braden M i'm sure it has... from time to time....
Mikey yeah.. cept maybe nude dwarf disney on ice
Braden M nude dwarf disney on ice.... now thats something i'd like to check out..... if i was gay and a dwarf....
Mikey nah.. they'd be female dwarves...
Braden M ahh.. well in that case, its all systems go... nude up....
Mikey I'll get my people on to it right away...
Braden M would these people be of the dwarfy kind?
Mikey maybe... theyre a secretive mob are my people...
Braden M or are they the nudey kind?
Mikey maybe they are naked under all those feathers...
Braden M oooh.. ok....

Braden M cool.. very cool... what cool F games are there?? frogger??
Mikey ummm fatal fury...
Mikey FIFA
Mikey fighters history final fantasy series..
Braden M Furby's day of historical disaster recreations...
Mikey HAHAH!! Level 1 - 1918, The Titanic! "WAAAHH!! BOAT SINKY!!! WAAH!"
Braden M Frankie's weird and wonderful eroctic adventures in between the crusty bits of the lounge....
Braden M Fubar Kooksenberry's adventure in fanstamagorical land.
Braden M Finkle Wradworth and friends....
Braden M Fancy Schmancy banana benders.... there are so many cool games that begin with the letter F
Mikey yeah! just wait til I get to G!!
Braden M haha.. i've heard G goes right orrrfff.....

Mikey yeah.. I did.. woooo.. Hey someone searched on yahoo for "mick and fran dreschers porno hour"... was it you?
Braden M Noooo.. god no... someone actually typed that in...?? hahaha.. recently?
Mikey today... Hmmm... I may have to investigate this..
Braden M ahh.. n'ah.. not at all... i haven't been to you're page for a while...
Braden M yeah.. i wonder who it was??? was it an aussie looking ip addy?
Mikey dunno.. trying to find out..
Braden M hmm.. weird arse..
Mikey it was at 5:06AM by which traces to some dude in mexico!!
Braden M Mexico... and he typed a certain exact phrase??
Mikey yeah.. the refferer was
Mikey fark... and its the only time that this IP or an IP like it has been to my site...
Braden M haha.. yayy for that.. maybe the rumour is getting round the net that there was an actual porno called mick and fran drescher's porno hour... how funny would that be...
Mikey bwahahah!
Braden M that would be so cool if that happened... hehe
Mikey hahah... and then fran drescher approached me to make the movie!
Braden M hahaha.... ok.. now then i'd be getting worried.. unless you used a stunt cock.. hehe
Mikey yeah... thats it... stunt cock..
Braden M that way, gracie won't get angry.. hehe
Mikey but she'll be in it too, as the french chambermaid
Braden M oh.. of course.. i should have known that...

Mikey someone posted this on my site: I was watching an episode of Ripley's Believe it or Not, and not only was it perhaps one of the funniest episodes ever it also contained an AYBABTU clip! A man from Italy had had his penis removed due to penile cancer... And doctors were attempting to attach the middle finger of his right hand to where his penis used to be, and create a new, functioning, erectile tissue! *w00t w00t*! Anyway, during the brief interludes of dialogue and visual clips of the poor Mr. NOwinkey, a 3D photoshopped graphic of a hand appeared on my television, demonstrating the removal of his middle finger. In the blurbs of random text and graphics on the edges of the image, in TINY character were the immortal words- "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" I would like to take a moment to salute the genius who managed to sneak that into his image and have it appear on a nationally syndicated television program. All your base are certainly belong to us, citizen to the cause! Salut!
Braden M hahaha.. my god.. how funny is that.. haha

Braden M what ya upto this weekend?
Mikey nuffin.. was thinking bout drinkin
Braden M oh yeah.. we haven't done that for a while.. for sure..sounds good duuuudeer... :-)
Mikey yeaah... woooo! and shit.

Mikey i cant believe You Cant Do That On Television ran for 20 years! i just listened to the theme song.. it tripped me out majorly...
Braden M yeah.. the theme song.. yayy... totally wacked...
Mikey its like the canadian young talent team without all the singing...
Braden M hehe.. yeah.. thats one way of putting it.. hehe

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