The Hatch Files

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Braden M Its upto you....... New Yooooorrrrrkkkkkk
MadDog it certainly is up to me, so stay the hell out of it, small fry!
Braden M oh.. but I wanted to New York as well.. oh well..

MadDog Two girls for every boy... hey.. I like the idea of that...
Braden M yeah.. that means.. 4 boobies.. woohoo.. :-)

MadDog I've invented a new form of dancing. I call it "Ass-Dance", and you do it while youre sitting in your seat. It makes you look cool and trendy while giving your buttocks a firm tone...
Braden M cool.. I'll be up for a bit of that for sure.. maybe you could release your own fitness video called.. Ass-Dance.. tone your Ass while having fun at the same time. :-)

MadDog Tammy just came...
Braden M thankgod I wasn't there when it happened..
MadDog I think we need a mop...
Braden M oh no.. I'm outta here..

MadDog we should see how much we can funk this song up...
Braden M yeah.. we could do a thrash metal version..
MadDog or a jazz ska version.. heheh
Braden M or even techno rumba version..
MadDog or even a spoken word william shatner version...
Braden M or performed nude with umbrellas covering our rudie bits... I'm not sure how the song comes into it..
MadDog surprisingly, that might be very appropriate...

Braden M please tell her via subtle hints to stop polluting the air with her wierd arse singing... meaning.. don't say it came from braden.
MadDog Too bad.. youre dead meat! This is going on my homepage!!
Braden M she won't read the homepage.. so I'll be right.
MadDog I'll tell her to read it.. and then she' kill you, possibly through such methods as never seen before outside of a bankok prison...
Braden M if they've never been seen outside a ban-cock.. hehe.. prison.. I'm asuming she's been to a ban-cock prison, meaning she's a convicted felon, and should be decapated immeadiately!
MadDog fair enuff... I'll let you do the honours...
Braden M if you supply the weapon of course..
MadDog here... take this artichoke...
Braden M *proceeds to saw off her head with a blunt artichoke* ooh.. got a bit of green-ness in her ear.. oh well.. she might get her jollies from it being in there.. ya never know..
MadDog nah... youre supposed to choke her with it...

Braden M The first version of this song was... "Come on baby light my farts".. but it didn't go down well.. so they changed it.

MadDog My arm is moving, not by its self, but through bio-electrical pulses traveling from the brain down through the spine ending in the nerves attached to my muscles...
Braden M but is it moving in a upwardly, downwardly moving.. eg.. look likes your jerking off?
MadDog negative student fizzlesnort. It is infact making a peace sign... a sign for the future..

Braden M The original lyrics to this song instead of Come on Eileen, was.. Come on.. my face.. but it didn't go down well, so they changed it.

MadDog Hey, guess what she's wearing today...
Braden M Um.. Normally I would say a pink jumpsuit, but um... let me guess.. an x-files t-shirt??
MadDog yeah... do you think she likes it?
Braden M Hmmm.. yeah.. maybe she has something for David Duchovny.. or Skinner or something..
MadDog I reckon her wardrobe would be like Inspector Gadgets, but instead of a shitload of trench coats, theres, like, 50 x-files tshirts...
Braden M hehehe.. yeah.. I reckon as well.. Go-go x-files shirt..

MadDog my god those are some huge ass sunglasses..
Braden M heheh

Braden M this chucko from skunkmonkey. i jus wanna say, keep pimpin!!
MadDog err.. i will.. thanks...

Braden M When's she going to serve us lunch, cause I really feel like some chicken snitzel and veges if ya know what I mean.. with her waiters uniform and all.. hehe

Braden M Hey, I think you should tell her that its not on for Amish people to use computers.. I think the clan would be very upset.. hehe
MadDog HAHAHAHA!!... ahh..

Braden M What did she end up getting in the box?
MadDog It was a HUMAN HEAD!
Braden M I wouldn't be surprised actually if she did..
MadDog She did!!! check it out....

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