Miss Fi Fun

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MadDog goo.... wanna lick?
Bendi lick what? *lol*
MadDog this... *hold up raspberry split ice cream*
Bendi nope I can't lick that...it's got too much sugar
MadDog not even one little tiny lick???
Bendi if I lick it then I'll want to eat the whole thing, and I'm not a allowed to...wanna bite of my carrot instead? *holds out the carrot*
MadDog can i lick it instead???
Bendi if ya want
MadDog *lick* ... not as nice.... why arent you allowed some icey creamy??
Bendi cause I'm on a diabetic diet
MadDog Ooooh! Then I have just the thing for you..... *scampers away for a bit*
Bendi okies
MadDog B - A - C - K - !!!!!! Here!!! Try this!!! *holds up bowl*
Bendi what's in the bowl?? *looking*
MadDog Its home made yoghurt made with my new Easi-yo machine thingy that I got for xmas... its sooooo nummy and theres no sugar in it!!!!
Bendi how much fat though?
MadDog Its the reduced fat one!!!!! 99.7% fat free in fact!!
Bendi oh ok *eating ur yoghurt*
MadDog nummy?
Bendi hmm not too bad *g*
MadDog yeah... ive made better...

MadDog ive got some chinese martial arts movie on in the background... its quite odd sounding when youre not reading the subtitles....
Bendi *lol* I bet it is.....
MadDog yep... its like: "ni ho sei fu sai ha to ha ha ya" for 2 hours...
Bendi that's seriously got to screw ur thinking patterns up
MadDog hai to sei fu? I mean... what?

MadDog hee hee hee… I smelled earlier on… had a hot day of werk, but then I had a nice cold shower and then smelled yummy again..
Bendi and I wanted to know this because?? *fofl*
MadDog because you said you wanted to know what was happening in my life.
Bendi oh ok *g* now I get it
MadDog good! *pat on head*
Bendi *g* gee thanx...
MadDog you should feel speshul!
Bendi oh I do!
MadDog good... want another one?
Bendi another what?
MadDog pat on the head silly
Bendi oh well if u wish
MadDog too bad... you dont get another one...
Bendi fine then *pouts*
MadDog haa! Im such a tease
Bendi :OP yeah ya meany! *pouts*
MadDog okay then... *pats head*

Bendi I thought u were going to bed?!
MadDog I am in bed... *wink*

MadDog here.... taste this...
Bendi what is it?
MadDog just try it.... *holds out bowl*
Bendi I wanna know what it is first
MadDog It's my new revolutionalr pasta recipe... 100% vegetarian with extra numminess....
Bendi hmmm ok *tastes the bowls contents*
MadDog What do you think?? am I on to a winner?? I reckon I could finally open my chain of restaurants with this dish....
Bendi hmm yeah... not too bad *L*
MadDog yaay!!! *gobble gobbble...
Bendi *LOL* ahh ur silly!
MadDog You can talk little miss nutso....
Bendi little miss nutso? ohh I like that *fofl*

Bendi so what's been happening with u lately anyways?
MadDog not a lot.. just makin pasta....
Bendi oh great! I think u should open a pasta shop!
MadDog yaay!
Bendi seriously u should.....
MadDog yep!!
Bendi and just member when u r a pasta millionair say.. "hey Fiona told me to do it.." and then give me half ur money *lol*
MadDog Get real... you can have free pasta though...
Bendi *sulk* not even a 1/4??
MadDog be happy with what youve got... free pasta is nothing to be sneezed at!
Bendi if I married u, u'd have to give me money...... will u marry me? *lol*
MadDog hmmm.. I might have to think about that one.... NO!!! coz you'd ust divorce me before we got to do any of the fun stuff...
Bendi *lol* hmm maybe... then again maybe not, guess u'd just have to take that chance
MadDog for half my millions I wouldnt take that chance.. I'd need to be assured that all the fun bouncy nude stuff would happen...
Bendi *lol* ahh can't promise that
MadDog Then no marriage for you!
Bendi oh well... I'll just run infront of ur car and then take u to court! *lol* that'll work just fine...
MadDog nup... If you run infront of MY car, you wouldnt survive ... :o)
Bendi *pout* u hurt lil' ol' me would ya??
MadDog Not if I could help it... :o)
Bendi so u'd do it real quick so I don't feel a thing, right?!
MadDog well I can hardly help it if you jump infront of my car..
Bendi nha ur supposed to slam on the breaks and "ohh I could never hurt her....she's cool!"
MadDog Wouldn't make a difference at the speed I drive...
Bendi no no no.... just go slow from now on, just incase I jump infront of ya!
MadDog nup... too bad...
Bendi *sulking* fine then....
MadDog not if its means losing half of my millions...
Bendi but u'd make that up pretty quickly again *g* just think of all the publicity u'd get
MadDog yeah... but its bad publcity...
Bendi no it's not.... all publicity is good..... specially if u can act hurt infront of a camera

MadDog I can see you!
Bendi hey dear how r ya??
MadDog Im good... but I can still SEE you
Bendi u can? what pics are u looking at?
MadDog Im actually right outside your window!!! aha!
Bendi ohh I see *waves*
MadDog *waves back*

MadDog just trying to get rid of a pest in ozchat... :o)
Bendi who the pest.. better not be me :oP
MadDog yep! be off with ye!! hehehe
Bendi *sulk* I didn't mean to show nekkid pics of me.. sorry dear....
MadDog Yes... no good... I'll just have to confiscate them....
Bendi hrmmm.... well no doubt other ppl will be using them.. though I must admit.. the r a little touched up...
MadDog mmm.. touched up... mmmm
Bendi mmmmm.... yeah.... it's rather depressing actually.... I had to cover over a.. freckle on my........ ankle *eeeeeeeeek*

Bendi so u coming to see me this weekend?
MadDog I'll be there... with bells on!
Bendi ooerr... promise?
MadDog yep.. I'm all paid up!
Bendi nah I was talking about the bells.... I wanna see u with bells on *wink*
MadDog ooh.. hmmm. well maybe not.. bt they'll be there in spirit... and I'll run around going "RING RING" if you like?
Bendi yes please ;o) I'll show u my bell this weekend if u want... I always wear my bell :O)
MadDog you show me yours and I'll show you mine
Bendi it's a deal ;o)

MadDog Ummm... hi.. my artichoke went over your fence, and I was wondering if I could have it back... please?
Bendi hrmmm... only if u climb my fence to get it.. nekkid ;o)
MadDog hmmm.. *pauses to think for a moment...* Okay.. but only if youre nekkid at the other side waiting to hand it to me...
Bendi hrmm.. ok it's a deal :O)
MadDog okay... gimme 5.... I'll meet you round the back....
Bendi hehe ok

MadDog *fumble fumble* *flumps nekkid over the fence* Okay I'm here! Um... wow... you look .. umm.. wow... *rolls up tongue and pops it back in mouth*
Bendi *struts around nekkid* I look.. nekkid.. and u must be cold ;o)
MadDog well.. yeah.. I am a bit.. what about you?
Bendi yeah.. my nipples could cut glass *brrr*
MadDog *tweak* ooh .. youre right... theyre pretty hard there.... anything I can do?
Bendi *lol* nah .. considering the clothes thing... u gotta get worried when ur pink bits turn purple ;o)
MadDog how about a cuppa hot milo?
Bendi coffee??
MadDog Nescafe?
Bendi yeppers ;o)
MadDog nescafe it is, lets go back to my place.. here... let me help you over the fence there..
Bendi *awkwardly and rather unflatteringly fumbles over the fence*
MadDog *follows you over, landing in a shrub* ow...
Bendi that's gotta hurt.... *helps u up*
MadDog thank you kindly... after you * opens the sliding door for you*
Bendi *steps inside...* ohhh nice place u got here...
MadDog thankyou.. I do the decorating myself... please.. take a seat... *puts on some mood music and puts on the kettle*
Bendi *sits down.. and can't help the squeek noises*
MadDog hehe... how do you like it?
Bendi on top... err... 2 sugars? *wink*
MadDog ooh... ahem... *wipes brow... and would loosen colar if I had one* milk?
Bendi please
MadDog ahh.. you like it the same as I do! Neat! *hands you a cuppa with Wile E Coyote on the side of the mug, and sits next to you on the big yelow couch with my Saggitarius mug... *
Bendi oooerrr.... u squeek too ;o)
MadDog hehe.. yeah.. you get used to that... dang leather... good thing Ive got the heating on, otherwise it'd be bloody cold to sit on this thing.... how are those nipples going?
Bendi just dandy thanks... ;o)

MadDog ahh.. So I see… so tell me.. Whats it like working there?
Bendi ahh it's ok... I got promoted a few weeks ago.. I am shift manager. lots of work *sigh*
MadDog more money?
Bendi yeah got a raise on monday..
MadDog cool... Im getting a raise come july 1.. yay!
Bendi woohoo.. an official raise.. or just taxed less? *lol*
MadDog official...
Bendi yay!!! wanna marry me?
MadDog sure babe... hmmm.. hang on.. what do I get?
Bendi me?
MadDog I'm willing to take that chance... mmm...
Bendi so we're engaged? ooerrr....
MadDog ooh.. wow... hmm.. hang on.. *fishes around in the back of the couch and retrieves a 14ct diamond ring* for you....
Bendi aww *blush* ur so sweet... I wonder how grace will take all this..
MadDog she'll be fine... she's been bugging me to propose for years...
Bendi hrmm might be a bit of a sore spot.. cause all we did was climb a fence nekkid.. and now we're getting married
MadDog yeah.. I guess we'll just have to keep it secret for now..
Bendi ok.. secret *yay*
MadDog you like your coffee? want another one? how about some tim tams...
Bendi tim tams? nah gotta keep the body spiffy ;o) but I could go for more coffee..
MadDog here.. let me top you up...
Bendi hehehe... I'll brb... *squeek*

MadDog thats good... its pissing down rain here.... Good thing I'm all rugged up...
Bendi ahh it was here b4.. but not now.. now it's just cold..
MadDog ahh.. rock hard nipplies again?
Bendi nope not tonight.. i'm snuggled in bed already :o)
MadDog cool.. any room in there fer me? my feets are freezeding...
Bendi it's a queen size bed.. I could loose u in here hahah
MadDog great.. hop over...
Bendi hahaha *fi hops over*
MadDog oooh... youre right.. it is nice and warm and big.. you could have a wrestling match on this bed...
Bendi *lol* maybe
MadDog yeah! *boing boing boing* hee!! bouncy too...
Bendi *fi puts her cold feet on mikey* bwahahah pure evil stuff
MadDog GAHH! *retaliates by putting his ultra-cold ice-block feet on fi's belly*
Bendi ARGHHHHHHH *cold shiver* that was cruel...
MadDog hehe... how are those nipples now, eh? hee hee hee!!
Bendi bleh..
MadDog *big smiles* hee.. I'm in bed with Bendi... hee!
Bendi u must feel special
MadDog hmmm... well special is one word for it I guess.. :oD

MadDog AHA!! I am the squisher of rodents!! I am so manly!! My nads are the size of small houses!!
Bendi *rofl* hey mikey
MadDog hi.. just killed a mouse.. then disposed of it... I feel so .. manly... heheh
Bendi ohhh as u would
MadDog yep... impressed?
Bendi very :o)
MadDog cool... wanna score?
Bendi score what hun? hehehe..
MadDog did I say score? I meant scone.. yes... would you like a scone?.. *phew*
Bendi *giggles* nah I'm fine thanx
MadDog oh.. okay.... well do ya wanna score then?

MadDog coffee?
Bendi ok :o)
MadDog yaay! I like sharing coffee with you...
Bendi ditto :o)
MadDog its like one of those nescafe ads.. with the pan-pipes and all...
Bendi *lol* *trys to imitate pan pipe sounds..*
MadDog nice try...

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