Miss Fi Fun

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MadDog *hug* I'm feeling rather drunk...
Bendi *hug* why's that hun? hehehe been drinking by ne chance?
MadDog funny that.... Only one drink... but I'm in that sorta, you know.. where youre all like.. wow.. and stuff...
Bendi *lol* tipsy
MadDog kinda... *hug* this passion pop stuff is pretty disgusting...
Bendi *lol*

MadDog I got a mouse...
Bendi funky
MadDog not really... I hate the damn thing and I wish him dead...
Bendi ok.... go kill him.. be manly
MadDog Ive got traps all over the joint! but he wont come out!
Bendi damn...

MadDog gracies gone to melbourne and I'm runnin nekkid round the house goin "YIPPA! YIPPA! YIPPA!"
Bendi *lol* fair enuff
MadDog join me! free tim tams... eh? eh? cant say fairer than that eh?
Bendi hrmm I think someone would get jealous if i did that now..
MadDog I dont mind at all! I've invited the neighbours around !

Bendibles hey mikey darlin how r ya??
Mikey im positively scrummy...and you?
Bendibles ahh yeah perky in a dismal world.. i feel rather out of place *shrug* but all good
Mikey here... maybe a little manipulation will put you back in place.. *puts on some soothing ocean music starts massaging*
Bendibles oooerrrrr... *falls asleep* (it's all just too soothing)
Mikey soothing is good *while you sleep I put a pair of funny groucho glasses with the fake nose on you* Wake up... *tee hee!*
Bendibles *looks in mirror* oh wow.. who is that hansom man staing back at me? *realisation* this isn't good.. i have awoken and turned into a man!!!!!! *argh!!!*
Mikey HAA! Its not real.. I put that on you... Isn't that funny and comical?
Bendibles *sigh* i always feltmore like a boy on the inside.. and i finally thought perhaps my dream of growing up and becoming a man had finally come true. and now i find out it was onlyyou toying with my emotions... how devistating
Mikey I'm sorry.. I understand how you feel, its just like in buffy, how she really went to heaven, but everyone thought she was in hell and brought her back to life, so she thinks she's in hell now... It was a cruel joke and I apologise... *breaks crappy glasses*
Bendibles i accept ur apology... and well.. yeah
Mikey yay!! lets have patty cakes...

Mikey cool.. what are you uni'ing about?
Bendibles psychology and criminolgy.. when i bother to attend uni that it
Mikey ahh.. so you could be on that Law and Order show then?
Bendibles nah.. probably not *lol*
Mikey yeah.. maybe not.. perhaps a special guest appearance on Stingers or Blue Healers maybe...
Bendibles i don't even think i could do that
Mikey oh sure you could.. :)
Bendibles really.. u think so?
Mikey of course... you could be that person who sits with the evil dude in the darkened interview room and shine the light in their eyes and force vital evidence from them...
Bendibles ohh that sounds like fun
Mikey yeah.. and you can get angry and slam your fist on the table...
Bendibles i'm good at that
Mikey cool... !!
Bendibles :o)
Mikey yeah.. you rock.. then you could interrogate some little weedy guy who wont talk, then you flash a little cleavage and he gets all nervous and spills the beans, and you go "AHAH! AS IF!" and then the little weedy guy gets dragged off to jail...
Bendibles lol... yeah my clevage always does the trick ;o)
Mikey that it does...
Bendibles :O)
Mikey I need more water.. all this talk of cleavage is making me thirsty...

Bendibles miikey do you know what a 2IC position is? as in: Previous retail management experience as a 2IC or store manager a must.
Mikey 2IC = Second in charge... I'm so clever! (not really. I had to ask someone else.. heheh )
Bendibles hehehe it was just in a job description that i applied for and i have an interview with them on monday.. and i was still curious about what it was.. and now that i know what it stands for.. i realise, i am a preson with 2IC experience *lol* yay me!
Bendibles well then.. you must bow before me and kiss my toes :)
Mikey my pleasure! *kisses fi's toes* *ptooey!* What was that?
Bendibles oh i wore my favourite socks for the last week.. they're good luck for exams ;)
Mikey euuu... wash you feet then ...

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