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morgan have you eaten these? balmain bugs and scampi are like half way between a prawn and a lobster in size and taste like a combination of the two.
MadDog balmain bugs looks like the same thing as morton bay bugs... and yeah.. theyre all right.. but tres expensiveo.... theyre like a big-ass prawn, but with a flat kinda lobster like tail.. and theyre brown.... theyre like a giant yabbie.. but that doesnt help because you dont have yabbies over there.... :)
morgan yabbies? *lol* you guys have funny words for things...

MadDog nudity is fun.. i'd be nude right now if it were socially acceptable....
morgan yeah. i probably would be too if it wasn't so cold.

morgan hey there buttercup gigglehiney!
MadDog im adding that name to the list of names for my future children... :)

morgan we're eating rolo's!

MadDog *rubbing chin* mmm... new razor... mmm... smooth...
morgan *rubbing your chin too* you're right! it does feel smooth!
MadDog I've lost my security stubble.. :( now what am I going to do when I have an itchy hand... :)
morgan do you really want me to answer that? *eg*
MadDog heheh... in fact.. no... dont answer that... :)

morgan i must go make myself some dinner. bbs
MadDog may your meal supply all the nutrients your body necessitates to continue a healthy existance.
morgan thanks sweets!

morgan i still have the post it i used when i wrote down slang you told me. it's on my bullitin board over my desk.
morgan this list doesn't have doona on it! it's incomplete.
MadDog hehhe.. nah.. we just talk like a bunch of bloody two bob watches...
morgan *looking up two bob watches*
MadDog doesnt have that either.... talk about incomplete.. :)

morgan survivor! what do you guys think about it down there?
MadDog I persoanlly think it rocks... its not AS big down here, but it does rock... we're up tot he episode where that dude fell into the fire and all his skin came off... that was cool..

morgan artichokes!
MadDog stuffed or boiled?
morgan any way i can get them!
MadDog mmmm... tickly...
morgan you're a fan?
MadDog not really.. but gracie is... I like the stuff that its stuffed with, they way that they do it, but my family never really got into the whole artichoke thing..
morgan i could eat them all the time.
MadDog ahh... well thats just swell.. :)

morgan We drive in the HOV lane. (high occupancy vehicle)
MadDog what's that? like a carpool lane?
morgan basicly. as long as there are 2 or more people in the car you drive in HOV. it's considerably faster.
MadDog yay! thats good... whats the point of that lane anyhoo?
morgan it cuts down pollution and traffic congestion. sort of a way to say "good job" to the people that aren't each driving their own car in.
MadDog but if the single occupant cars go slower, then theyre on the road longer, creating more polution!!!
morgan well, yeah.

MadDog mmm.. these are some damn fine pretzels...
morgan oh yeah? may i have one?
MadDog *passes the bag*
morgan thanks sweets!

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