Ec Escapades

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Ric how's the thighs?
MadDog getting there...
Ric good

Ric hey there is a closing ceremony CD of the olympics!
MadDog wow.. woopie... look.. im having a party...
Ric you are? What's the occasion?
MadDog at my extreme excitement and anticipation of the closing ceremony CD of which you speak... Hold me back or else I'll be forced to buy one right this very instant! *can you tell im being sarcastic?*

Ric Morag's last name is
MadDog nup.. its just morag...
Ric just Morag? Too cool for a last name? Like Madonna or Jewel?
MadDog nah... cause morag is a fucked enough name to mess it up even more with a fucked up surname...
Ric very very true!! I think I'll get a dog and call it Morag! What do you think?
MadDog nup.. call him Mr Puf-Puf
Ric oh okay!! What breed shall he be?
MadDog king charles/pommeranian cross...
Ric hmmm wouldn't work!
MadDog sure it would...
Ric how so?
MadDog use your imagination.. *wink wink*
Ric *giggle** Full of fluffy goodness!
MadDog yup

Ric that song by Dido called Thankyou How does it go?
MadDog its the one eminem used for the chorus of his song 'Stan'
Ric don't know or like Eminem...
MadDog well how am I supposed to tell you how the song goes over the Internet....? I cant go "Its the one that goes doo doo di doo daaaa da da baaaaaaa!"

Ric Hey you want to help me with a script. I want to think of a name for a character; Male - 20 something - feminine - a prince - weak - silly - period is set in medievil times.... Can you think of something??
MadDog Enrique
Ric hmmm - he's not spanish...
MadDog hmmm.. Prince Charmaine Fortesque III

Ric Time for a shower now..
MadDog enjoy your nudity with water session
Ric lol - I shall indeed!!

Ric do you like Katie Holmes?
MadDog does a bear shit in the woods?

Ric Yesterday I cleaned up some girl. hehe Foul was against me but it was worth it!
MadDog did you use some kind of soap?
Ric lol umm - I used my shoulder and body strength. She probably got dirty from landing on the ground
MadDog then you used soap to clean her up?
Ric no - I just walked away
MadDog so when did you clean her up?

Ric Yeah! hmmmm...bacon!!
MadDog youre the second person to talk to me about bacon today....
Ric I am?! But there ain't no second prize baby!! Bastards cheated me!
MadDog do you often say "bastards cheated me"? cause I though me and braden were the only ones to say that....
Ric Only on the odd occasion. It alwasy gets a laugh...specially when you act like you're really upset about it when you actually couldn't give a stuff

MadDog all these soccer players look like lesbians!
Ric which ones that?
MadDog all of them!

Ric I'm still can't help but!
MadDog sure I can! *catches you in a big net* gotya!
Ric phew!! Thought I'd go splat for a second!! You still dancing?
MadDog im bouncing on my hydraulic gas-lift chair

MadDog cya!
Ric I'll miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *chuckle*
MadDog *sniff* what a heartfelt moment... :)
Ric yeah! *sob*

Ric yeah - these fumes are really bad... Even open windows don't get it away
MadDog yeah.. you need like nice smelly stuff up your nostrils.... that might help
Ric yeah - or a hanky over the nose!!!
MadDog yeah.. or a couple of those Vicks inhalers up your nose...

Ric hehhe - still a big brother frequent viewer
MadDog yeah... just on tv...
Ric oh!! I thought you had been in the house! damn
MadDog nup... I AM BIG BROTHER!! MWAHAHAHAH!!! ahem...
Ric oh!!! cool.... tell me more
MadDog well I would.. but I wont... cause I was lying...

Ric The painters have gone...but they'll be back Beware of the painters
MadDog for they hold in their hands the paintbrushes of doom!
Ric and the evil paint of satan

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