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Wow! New Toys!
A few changes, nothing too drastic.
  • zen overide has been added to my Friends section.
  • I've added a search engine. Now you can search my entire site for whatever the hell you want. Check the side-bar to the left.
  • I've got a proper mailing list set up now. Sign up at the left. Dont be scared, I'm not going to send you spam every day or anything. Only a brief email whenever I make any real changes to the site. And going by how often I update this thing, It wont be much.
  • I've added a funky scan-line effect to the random images in the navigation bar (herefore known as the nav-bar).
  • I've butted the head bar up to the top of the screen giving the site a less flimsy feel.
  • I also have stuck all the sections in the nav-bar together to give it more of a solid feel.
  • I replaced the random picture and quote generators with an ASP equivelent. I've got a bit ASP crazy of late, but perl is still cooler.
  • Ummm... thats all I think...
Well, there you go. There was quite a few updates there...
Posted by a very achy MadDog on Monday June 19, 2000 at 11:35 PM - (0 comments)


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