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God, I'm lazy...
This is how lazy I am...

  • I wish that there were ropes hanging from the ceiling wherever there are chairs. I hate getting up once I've sat down. Some kind of rope mechanism from the celing would enable me to pull myself to my feet much easier. Failing that, I could employ a small but strong dwarf to follow me around and give me a pull up whenever I needed to stand.
  • I hate doing the laundry... Thats why I own over 20 pairs of boxer shorts. I run out of boxer shorts, I do the laundry. That's the way I like it. Gracie can't stand it. She likes to do the laundry, like, twice, maybe three times a week sometimes. Now I'm living on my own again for most of the week, the laundry only gets done once a week, when Gracie comes home on the weekends. Thats fine with me... She washes them, and I hang them up. I prefer to hang them up. I'm kinda picky (read: anal) when it comes to hanging the clothes up. I have a system... pants go here, shirts go here, socks go in this row, my socks to the left, yours to the right... You get the picture. I also like to hang clothes in a way that would least neccesitate an ironing afterwards. I hate ironing.
  • My staple diet is snags in bread, instant pasta, frozen pizza, and SPC beans and spag on toast. Dont ge me wrong, I love to cook, and I am a good cook... really... I just get up and think "Hmm... I could make that risotto I saw in the magaizine, or maybe try the chicken and pesto that Geoff Jantz made on Burke's Backyard the other week... maybe bake a pie... ... Ahh, f*ck it. Cheese jaffles it is.

There's probably more... If I think of anything else, I'll add it in the next couple of days.

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