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Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Well the good news is that I'm this close (you can't see, but I'm making very small gestures with my hands right now) to getting the new Planet MadDog ready to go online on New Years Day, which was my goal. What does this mean for you folk? Well probably not a great deal. If you're a fan of my Crazy Conversations section, then you're in for a treat, as that has majorly been updated. If, however, you like to visit the many photo galleries I have on display, you will have to wait, as they've all been taken down until I figure out an easy way to update them. For you see, this is the reason it's taken me oh-so-long to get to this point, I have not just been making a new homepage, but rather a complete template-driven website building system for both experts and novices alike, and Planet MadDog will be my testing ground for new features. I call the system madSite and hope to have version 1.0 ready for beta testing soon. Check out for more information... which brings me to the bad news.

The weather has been insanely hot these past few days. This afternoon I emerged from a cold shower to a weird odor in the air, not unlike Christmas crackers being popped. Gracie and I searched the entire house to find the source of this smell, but no dice, so I decided to hop on to the PC to work on getting some more Crazy Conversations into the database. Long story short: the power supply in my computer has overheated to the point of popping and ceasing to function. Being Saturday evening, I won't be able to try and source a new power supply until Monday, taking two days out of my tight deadline to get Planet MadDog 2 going. My goal is still to get the site up on New Years Day, but at this stage it's not looking too good. I'm posting this on my dial-up server box which is quite weedy and lacks the files needed for me to continue updating. Fingers and toes are crossed.

Posted by a very crestfallen MadDog on Saturday December 28, 2002 at 9:19 PM - (0 comments)


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