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How embarassment...

Every Sunday night, Gracie and I go around to Mum and Dad's for dinner, and last night Mum happened to have rented some videos. After dinner Mum suggested putting on a movie, Original Sin. I looked at the cover, thought "Angelina Jolie, Antonio Banderas, sounds like a bit of allright..." so we deided to stay and watch. What came next we were totally unprepared for.

Within the first half-hour there was a uber-graphic sex scene between the two stars complete with thrusting, asses, bouncing, pounding, pages 46 to 97 of the Karma Sutra... yeah... you get the picture. Now, I dont know about you, but watching sex scenes in front of my Mum doesn't really put me into the most comfortable of positions. It never has. Back when I was a little tacker, whenever a sex scene came on in a movie, Mum would say "Cover your eyes, little Mikey", so I did (occasionally peeking out between my fingers to see what I was missing out on), so there was never really any issue there. However last night just seemed weird. To make matters worse, she kept pointing at the screen and going "Now, you can't tell me that they're not actually doing it. They say that it's not real, but look, you can see his balls!". I went "Euurrghh... Mum, don't say balls..." and make a face like I'd just seen a hideous car wreck. Mum, obviously picking up on my uneasyness, would continue to say "Balls".

Overall, the movie was pretty good, and the sex scenes were probably actually pretty well done. I wouldn't know. I was trying too hard to think about playful kittens and calm blue oceans.

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