Planet MadDog

I'm so sleepy...
Why am I so sleepy? It may be because:
  • I've been kidnapped in sleep by aliens and forced to run on their treadmills to power their toaster ovens
  • My night job as a Britney Spears backup dancer is taking its toll
  • I've been secretly figting crime under the cover of night as my alter-ego, TangMan
...or is it because:
  • I've been working too hard
  • I'm drinking too much coffee during the day that I can't sleep at night
  • I've been up every night playing though Conker's Bad Fur Day again on the N64 emulator
Naaah... couldn't be that...
Posted by a very sleepy MadDog on Friday March 15, 2002 at 11:30 AM - (0 comments)


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