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6 days to go...
Yep. In just 6 short days I will have had the ball and chain surgically attached to my ankle, and will have the pleasure of saying "... and this is my wife, Gracie".

I had my bucks night last night (or stag night, depending on your current locale). We started off at 6:30pm at the Vic Hotel bistro for some good old Schnitzel-Mania™! I ordered the Parmigiana Bolognaise which was quite delicious. I was a bit worried, 'cause lately I havent been feeling a lot like drinking, but last night... man, did I drink.

After tea we went next door to Flannigans and enjoyed a few more ales, before heading up to the Aussie where we consumed a few beers. Then we headed down the road to the local strip bar, Club Rawhide, but the line there was long, for you see, it was the night of the Spring Car Nationals, one of Shepparton's busiest and yobbo-iest nights of the year. So we headed on over to the Yahoo Bar where, you guessed it, we drank some frosty beverages. We decided to try our luck at Rawhide again and after a short wait we were allowed up. Entry was $11, but I didnt have to pay. My mates were paying my way and buying me drinks all night. Thanks guys!

This was the first time at Rawhide, and once upstairs I could see why. There was a lot of shady looking blokes getting lap dances, a lot of hoons, and us. I acted cool as we saw the boosies that were on display. The guys kept asking me which one I wanted, and I was like "Shit, man, I dunno...". Finally, I looked over to Braden and nodded. We both knew which one I wanted... the only one with any boosies. So after grabbing a beer, I was sat down into a chair at this table with a pole on it. The table had a black outer perimeter, which I assumed was where I had to keep my hands behind. Malty payed the nice lady who then proceeded to writhe and wriggle and do what she does. I enjoyed myself and had a good time; a bit of fun. It didn't particularly turn me on or anything, and I probably wouldn't do it again, but hey, it wouldn't have been a bucks night without the manditory boosie action.

After Rawhide we swung by Flannigans again to say hi to zenny. She once said to me that it was odd that while she was much closer to me than she is to Gracie, she was invited to Gracie's bridal shower, but she couldn't come to my bucks night. I agreed, so I thought we should at least say g'day for a few minutes. I had a beer or two and headed off again.

After that we headed up to the Sherbourne, where we saw about 30 police walking up the street. Something big must have been going down. The line out the front was way long so we decided to head to the other nightclub, Time. Now, Time's a good place: the layout is good, the light show and the audio setup is sensational, but really, they gotta learn to play some decent music instead of the techno trance shit they insist on playing. Even Brian, who's into that sort of music, wasn't impressed. We stayed for a few more beers before deciding to call it a night at around 3:15am. I walked back home with Dred and ended up hitting the hay at 3:30am.

This morning, I woke up at about 11am. I didn't feel sick and I didn't have a headache, but man, the room sure was spinning. After taking an AGB, I went back to sleep only to wake up again at 12 noon. I watched the last half of The Fast and The Furious, then went back to sleep again. I finally got up propper at about 3pm, and I felt great.
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