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For those out of the loop, you may have seen me mention earlier that organising our honeymoon has been somewhat less-than-stellar. Well I can reveal all now... Click here to read the article that appeared in todays Shepparton News.

It doesn't stop there. Our wedding photographer rang to tell me that he wanted to use my wedding photos in an upcoming Sunday Herald Sun for the weddings section. Weeee!

Just when you think things couldnt get any cooler, I just got off the phone with Today Tonight. They were planning on doing a story about Crownstar International (click the link... you know you want to...), having heard of a number of people who have been diddled by them. However, the other people they were going to interview went off on their honeymoon. So it looks like they want to interview us now. It's now a matter if they can fit an interview with our suddenly hectic schedule.

I feel a bit weird right now. I'm pissed at having lost a metric ASSLOAD of dollars to a pack of scheming bastards, but I'm also excited about the wedding, humbled by the publicity, flustered at all the stress, tired by lack of sleep and whatever emotions you've got lying around... I'll have them too...
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