Crazy Conversations

Crazy Conversations

ICQ... What a wonderful tool. It has single-handedly increased the levels of communication world wide. It's great for inter-office communication, it keeps loved ones together and brings all the functionality of the Internet into one easy-to-use package... Then theres this.

Most of these conversations have been archived for the sole purpose of giving the participants in these pages a bit of a chuckle as they read back over some of the lighter times in life. I don't expect all of this to make sense to you... Hell! Not all of it makes perfect sense to me! But you might get something out of this mammoth collection of crap. Oh, and you might come across the odd bit of swearing, too, so Mum, go click on one of the other links if you dont want the image of 'your little Mikey' you've got in your head tarnished in any way.

Finally, we might be talking about YOU in these conversations. Where possible, I've tried to edit the conversations to protect the innocent, although if I'm talking about you, you should realise it. If you know me at all, you'd know that I'm never really malicious, and really wouldn't hurt a fly, so everything within is said in jest and should definately not be taken seriously. So if I call you a rampaging fur-burger, I'm only kidding. So read on, weary net wanderer, and take a break from all of those kiddy-porn sites, and enjoy.



  • Ec Escapades
    I've been chatting with Erica (or Ec) for quite a while now. Usually the talk always seems to come back to either soccer or boobies. Hmmmm...
  • Ade's Ramblings
    Mr Power Ade himself. Adrian can always be counted on to highlight my day with random wackiness.
  • Everything Zen and I often ramble on about nothing inparticular, which makes perfect reading for this section.
  • The Hatch Files
    The largest collection of ICQ conversations on this website is with my best mate Braden. Don't take anythign in here too seriously (if you can even understand any of it).
  • Wacky Jerzakie
    I haven't known Jerzakie very long, but a bizzare set of circumstances have thrown us together and if the result is craziness, then so be it.
  • Kat Tales
    Kat is a perfect example of how it is possible to stay friends with your ex. Sure there was a bit of weirdness there for a bit, but we soon returned to our wacky ways, some of which are held within.
  • Miss Fi Fun
    Fi, Bendy, Bendibles... Call her what you will, but I call her a real hoot when it comes to talking craziness over ICQ.
  • The Russ
    I worked with Timbo here for a short while at Unimedia, and after he went on to bigger and better things, I'm glad we stayed in touch and kept the dream alive.
  • Dred's Drivel
    Dred's been a good mate of mine for along time. We studied together and then we worked together. Needless to say, we had crazy conversations together.
  • Dagger Be Thy Name
    Steve's yet another wacko I chat to on ICQ but I actually see him in real life from time to time, yet we still have the same sort of conversations.
  • Rayman Ramblings
    Scotty, as well as being lead vocalist extrodinaire also is a good mate of mine and is known to partake in the odd strange conversation.
  • The Vandal Factor
    Nicky boy is a mate of mine that I met through Miss Zenny and we get on pretty well... mainly cause we're both a bit funny in the head, and he goes along with my madness more than most other people do.
  • Cloudy's Claptrap
    I've been chatting to Cloudz for ages now. Dred's level-headed other half, Cloudy is always good for a bit of occasional wackiness.
  • Morgan's Mumblings
    I've known Morgan almost since I began my Internet journey way back in 1996. Since then, we've had some good times, and some of them resulted in some of this.
  • Digger Follies
    I used to work with Digger for a little while, but I think I've known him a bit longer than that through OzChat. Regardless, he's good for a larf.
  • The Soap Box
    Soaponarope... Queen Ma Boo Boo... Dan... Call him what you will. I personally call him Shirley. He loves that.
  • Fletch Follies
    Jaryd Fletcher is his name. He used to be my boss at Unimedia/McMedia, and during that time he would impart such vauable pearls of wisdom such as these.
  • The Dude is Loony
    Way-cool Bri. I worked with him for many years back at Unimedia and we still keep in touch which is good.
  • Random Whacked Folk
    This is a collection of wacky conversations with miscellaneous people where I dont have enough material to devote to an entire category
  • Other People's Conversations
    I occasionally get conversations sent to me from friends and other assorted wackos. I like to keep them here.